Projects & Programs

Gowanus Canal Community Development Corporation is always looking for new ways to grow its programs and projects and discover new and better ways to support and inspire the community.

The ultimate goal of our efforts is to promote and embrace innovative ideas, to understand more fully our community needs and inspire both community action and interaction.

In light of the recent Superfund designation and the legacy of environmental degradation our neighborhood has endured, our programming is oriented towards the repair and revitalization of our urban fabric. We take the word “Development” in its broadest context, one that encompasses economic, cultural and ecological impacts.

Our programming focuses on sustainable solutions for a modern urban world in order to cultivate an innovative future vision that can positively input the future of our neighborhood.  Our work includes, green infrastructure projects, living cities, living laboratories and artistic interventions.

We’d love to hear your ideas for new programs and activities and welcome you to get involved.



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