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Its easy to throw superlatives at architects and designers without ever really acknowledging what it is that they do or understanding what impact (if any) they really have on the people and places around them.

thread is one of those unique firms that defies easy characterization moving fluidly between civic activists, architects, designers, and social innovators and we wanted to show some gratitude where it it due and offer them some thanks for being both incredibly talented designers as well as true community supporters.

We at GCCDC have had the good fortune to work with them on a number of grants, design projects and other proposals and in addition to being phenomenal designers they also know what it means to be part of a community and that ethos influences all of the work that they do.

I’ll be writing more specifically on their work with a bunch more photos but for now, go to their website:

feast upon some really delicious images and ideas and check back for further reading. Thanks again thread. You rock.




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