What does Gowanus mean to you?

Friends, Romans, Brooklynites send us your Ideas!

The times they are a changing and we at the Gowanus CDC are always trying to better understand what is it our community cares about? What would you like to see? What is your vision for the future of our beloved neighborhood?

We’re thinking big and local. How do we dramatically improve the landscape around us? How can we have greener buildings, better transportation, healthier food and more vibrant community interactions?

What are your ideas? If you were dictator for a day what would you change? What would you add? What would you preserve?

Is our zoning adequate? How do we create jobs? Foster industry and preserve quality of life?

What does a remediated canal look like? What surrounds it? What’s inside it? Floating wetlands, wooden piers, barge farms, bird sanctuaries?

What does responsible development truly mean? Boatels? Incubators? Art lofts? Charter Schools? Trade schools? A University campus? Affordable Housing? Condos? Community Coops? How would you get them built (or not)?

We want your ideas, drawings, probings and provocations and we want them now! Our favorite concepts will be featured in a forthcoming post.

Write us at ideas@gowanus.org



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