One Prize! : Imagining Water as the 6th Borough

Gowanus CDC is proud to be a sponsor and part of the Terraform One -  OnePrize 2011, an architectural and urban design competition to re-imagine the possibilities for sustainability in our own NYC environs. Terraform One, led by the charismatic Dr. Mitchell Joachim, has been dramatically reinventing – and in some cases returning to – traditional notions of urban planning, ecology and design since their inception. Their work and the contests which they host have covered a wealth ideas from urban farming, to blimp transport to adaptive reuse of urban infrastructure. This year’s OnePrize competition focuses on defining NYC waterways as a kind of “6th borough” and the many design challenges and opportunities that come from this idea. We here in Gowanus are of course especially attuned to this possibility. Can’t wait to see the results.

If you have Gowanus related submission and would like to get further background and insight into the nuances of the Gowanus Canal region contact us!

Learn all about the competition here

Watch a video below:

Download the competition brief here to get started.
Good luck!

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